Wurlitzer 1000


W: 102.0 cm
H: 183.0cm
D: 86.3cm

Weight: With cooling unit: 370kg
Without cooling unit: 335kg

Wurlitzer 850


W: 86.8cm
H: 183.0cm
D: 86.3cm

Weight: With cooling unit: 340kg
Without cooling unit: 305kg

The Vending Company

The 1000/850 Vending Range can accommodate mst Food and Beverage combinations. Each machine can be fitted with custom inner vending cassing to allow the desired product range.


TVL Ltd. are Ireland's main Wurlitzer Vending Machine suppliers. If you would like a product demonstration or evaluation of your vending needs then please call our Sales Team on 1890 929 140.


Power Consumption:

With cooling unit max. 590 watts
Without cooling unit 70 watts

The adjustable refrigerating unit can be set for snacks temperature or
down to food standards. Both temperature levels and VarioTemp are
possible from the same cooling unit Both models are also available
without cooling unit for vending of non food products.


Progammable microproceesor control unit(IVC2) with data storage, test and service programs
Prepared for coin systems with change.MDB standard. Executive standard(from end of May)
Connection for cashless payment systems
Slide out assembly with control unit and coin system for easy W 1000 Foodmaintenance.
Illuminated alphanumeric display in two lines.
Food cooling unit
Internal thermometer with visible digital temperature display
Power saving mode with programmable low temp. Level
Time controlled, interruptible illumination
Panel delivery flap, trays and spirals made of stainless steel.
Prepared for VarioTemp differant temperature zones operation.
Steel cabinet with reinforced foamed isolation.
Standard Color: White.

Cooling Unit:
Sealed system with R 134A refrigerant(free of CFC's)
Adj temperature range from 3°C up to ambient temperature
Maximum ambient temperature 32°C

Vario Temp differant temperature zones operation

Cooling area down to 3°C
Temperature cooling area adjustable up to ambient temperature
Two sensors
Double temperature display